Welcome to VAR d.o.o.

VAR d.o.o. is a family company founded in 1994 and over time we have changed several activities. Today, the company is engaged in forklifts (service, sales of new and used, spare parts), radiators (service, sales, welding and recoring) and car service (mechanics, electrics, tire service, specialized A/C service). Over the years, we were recognized in the market as steady and stable partner which enabled us continuous growth.

A quality service requires a good team of people and currently our team consists of almoust 40 employees – engineers, sales personal, electronic technicians, electricians, mechanics, welders, machining engineer and deliverer. Our young team is trying to be as flexible as possible in providing our services – outside the premises of the company, after working hours and in emergency situations.

Our goal is to offer a complete service that includes reliable, efficient and responsible problem solutions. By constantly investing in training and equipment we try to follow the latest market trends in order to be ready to properly respond to your request whenever you contact us.