Radiator service

In the picture gallery on the left you can see all the photos from our workshop: aluminium and cooper recoring, complete radiator production, tank production, and simmilar.

In our service we can:
– recoring of all type of aluminium and cooper radiators on bus, truck, oldtimer, working and construction machinery, boat, industrial and any other application
– welding, soldering, servicing cooper, aluminium, irion and steel radiators
– service of clogged radiators, flow testing
– recoring and servicing of intercoolers, water radiators, oil coolers, A/C condensers, A/C evaporators, transmision coolers, retarder and intarder coolers, EGR coolers, heat exchangers

Daily we are: welding in MIG, TIG and CO2, soldering and silver soldering, cutting and bending metal sheet til 2 mm tickness.

We can test Your cooler on 30 bar pressure!!


Mladen Pavličić